#ForcedFunFriday : Bowling

Posted: July 31, 2015

Tara Clinton


We’re all proud to be a part of an incredibly talented team of people who work hard every single day. Excellence is one of our Vision Points, which means we’re all willing to go the extra mile, put in some extra time and lend a hand when needed. The past few weeks have been especially busy at the office. It’s times like these where slowing down to take a break is more than just fun, it’s necessary.

Last week, the VisionPoint team packed up a little early on Friday afternoon to head over to the local bowling alley and lace up our bowling shoes. Turns out none of us actually own our own bowling shoes, but the rental shoes worked just fine.

As I mentioned before, our team is very skilled in a variety of areas including brand and messaging, content strategy, website design and development, integrated marketing and more. While we gave it our best, I don’t think we’ll be adding bowling to the Capabilities anytime soon.

United is another one of our VisionPoints. Despite the gutter balls, we had a blast spending time together and cheering on (and even coaching) our teammates.

Next month’s #ForcedFunFriday event has not yet been announced. Rumor has it, it could involve puppies.