First a Goat, Then a Water Buffalo – What’s Next?

Posted: December 6, 2013

Carissa Hoel Web Account Director


Now introducing… the Bubblettes!

After receiving more than enough funds for purchasing Bubbalo the Water Buffalo, VisionPoint was able to purchase a flock of chicks (aka the Bubblettes) for a family in a developing country. The Bubblettes will produce plenty of eggs, which may be the only source of animal protein in this family’s diet. These chicks are not very labor-intensive to maintain (they do their own thing) and thus can be managed easily by children of the household, freeing up time for the parents to engage in other productive activities. Furthermore, excess eggs can be sold at market, with the added income from their sales being used for other things a family needs – like medicine or cooking oils.

As much as we’d enjoy having a flock of chicks around our office, we’re glad the ones we’ve purchased will go on to make a positive impact for a family across the world. If you would like to give back by purchasing a flock of chicks, or any other farm animal, check out Heifer International’s website. Again, happy holidays from VisionPoint!