Fame is Only One Click Away

Posted: July 1, 2008


There was once a time when you had to be an actor, singer or some other form of superstar to claim fame and notoriety, but with social media on the rise it seems people can now obtain public recognition for simply injecting themselves into the Internet. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook and MySpace have all had their share in helping launch regular people into the world of spotlight and public discussion.

Over the past few years, websites such as these have created models, singers, celebrity personalities and reality television stars, just to name a few. And it all started because they decided to put themselves out there on the World Wide Web, and the Web liked it. With more than 50 percent of Internet users having joined a social network, it is safe to say that once you post something, there are plenty of viewers waiting to critique it. What happens when a large group of these users gives you a big thumbs-up? Well, then it is possible you will become what is now known as an e-lebrity.

An e-lebrity is someone who is famous for what they do or have done on the Internet. It is the step in between normalcy and celebrity, where some social media users are stuck, but where others get their first taste of becoming a household name. There are already several websites dedicated solely to ranking, discussing and promoting those who have managed to catch the attention of internet users enough to become an e-lebrity.

With this new path to stardom on the rise, it makes you wonder if posting that old video of yourself singing into a hairbrush would not be such a crazy idea after all.