Siloed information. Limited budgets. Increased competition for a shrinking number of prospective students. Higher ed marketing and enrollment professionals face these relentless challenges every day. We know it can feel like an uphill battle as you try to find ways to enhance the prospective student experience and meet enrollment goals, often with dwindling resources. You need better solutions to help save staff time, maximize your marketing spend, yield more accepted applicants — and allow you to make informed strategic decisions to move your institution forward. We hear you.

That’s why VisionPoint provides Enrollment Drive, an analytics software that connects data and provides insights across traditional, digital, organic, and CRM marketing strategies, ultimately improving your ability to Analyze, Adapt, and Convert. Don’t just hope for enrollment marketing outcomes. Drive the results your institution needs.

Performance Dashboards

Access All Your Data to Get a Clearer Picture

Trace the impact of all your various marketing activities, so that you can understand what is happening across platforms and across channels:

  • Track KPI’s and compare to benchmarks.
  • Unify marketing and advertising dashboards.
  • Dig into performance by channel, campaign, and ad group.
  • Analyze digital marketing, traditional marketing, and organic (SEO) performance.
  • Compare marketing campaign results to CRM and enrollment data.

Data Quality Audit

Capture New Insights from Stronger Sources

We undertake exhaustive auditing to benchmark performance, identify opportunities to collect new micro- and macro-conversions, and resolve tracking issues that could negatively impact the quality of data we receive. These projects include:

  • Implement an integrated Analytics plan. Our Analytics Audit will examine Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmasters to determine if any immediate actions are needed to improve your website data or functionality. Additionally, we will report on website traffic and trending to establish a baseline for reporting.
  • Ensure you capture the right data. Our Tracking Audit will examine Google Tag Manager and determine what tracking elements should be removed, added, or edited in order to improve website measurement. WIth appropriate tracking in place, we can measure key website actions like page views, course catalog downloads, RFI submissions, application starts, or other site performance measurements.

Data Connections

Pull Together Essential Insights

Too often, marketing data is housed in disconnected systems that never quite surface the insights you need. Enrollment Drive will paint a clearer picture by pulling together data from your:

  • Advertising channels, digital and traditional.
  • Social media channels.
  • Website and digital experience platforms.
  • Enrollment CRM.
  • Student Information System.

Comprehensive Services

We’re With You — Every Step of the Way

We don’t settle for just offering a dashboard link; we work right alongside you to provide solutions that deliver a positive ROI for your institution. Our team of analytics experts will actively partner with you to implement Enrollment Drive and wield it to reach your goals. To pull together essential insights, we provide:

  • Dashboard setup and launch
  • Advanced tracking setup and launch.
  • Benchmarking and thorough consultation.
  • Ongoing reporting analysis, including biweekly performance reviews and monthly or quarterly presentations.

Ready to rev up your marketing and enrollment?

Let’s find out if Enrollment Drive is the right solution for your institution. Our enrollment marketing experts are ready and available to answer your questions and help determine the best-fit package for your unique needs.

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