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Trends in MBA Program Enrollment

We’ve answered a few questions that higher ed marketers should ask when developing a marketing strategy for graduate business programs.

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VisionPoint Holiday Traditions: Secret Santa

The holidays are a time for family and friends.

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The State of Ad Blocking and How it Affects Your Institution’s Advertising

For online advertisers, ad blockers have been the story of 2015.

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On Integrated Marketing: One College’s Story of Transformation

The best part of my job is the work. Over the years I’ve contributed to some truly remarkable projects in partnership with institutions across the country.

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Tara Answers "Why VisionPoint?"

When I first applied for a position at VisionPoint, it was actually my 2nd choice of places to work.

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How to Choose a CRM for Your Institution

Many institutions use some type of CRM software to help organize and keep track of prospective student inquiries. It’s a great way to streamline and automate the engagement process.

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What Keeps You Up at Night?: AMA Symposium 2015

We’re back from Chicago after another year attending and speaking at the American Marketing Association Symposium for the Marketing of Education.


The Cart and the Horse How a Website Redesign Can Inspire Your Brand (not just the other way around)

For many higher ed marketers, the idea of getting budget approval for a rebrand AND a website redesign sounds impossible.

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Amazed, Inspired and Grateful for Education

What we all have in common is that each story is founded on an educational experience that shaped who we are today.

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Introducing VisionPoint’s eduInsights Resource Center

A place where our peers have easy access to higher ed marketing challenges and solutions.

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Lunch n Learn : Making Buttons

Last week, I used our monthly lunch n learn as an opportunity to give the team a look into the world of a developer.

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Steph Answers "Why VisionPoint?"

While listening to my interviewers describe VisionPoint, I could sense that the company had an amazing culture.