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Persona Starter Kit for Community Colleges:

A Higher Ed Marketer's Guide

It's key in all of your marketing and communications efforts to keep your audience top of mind. One of the ways our team does that is by creating personas both we and our clients can refer to and draw inspiration from as we work together on new initiatives.

Of course, creating personas takes time and a lot of research, so we’re giving you a head start. Based on our years of research with community college stakeholders and audiences, we’ve compiled a set of personas that can be used as a starting point for the majority of traditional community colleges, including:

  • Degree-Seeking Students
  • Continuing Education Students Seeking Training
  • Continuing Education Students Seeking Life Enrichment
  • Distance/Online Education Students
  • Parents of Students
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Alumni and Donors
  • Corporate Partners and Donors
  • Community Members at Large

Download the full Marketer's Guide for more than 30 starter personas and tips on how to use them!

Persona Starter Kit for Community Colleges:

Get more than 30 starter personas in the guide!

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