David Millsaps Celebrates His 30th With Cookie Crisp

Posted: June 7, 2011


With the smell of fresh strawberries and muffins enveloping the office, we waited in anticipation as David Millsaps strolled into the conference room. Surprise! 

Our comrade of six years was welcomed to cheers of jubilation in celebration of his 30th birthday. And as turning 30 is no ordinary event, we wanted no ordinary celebration. Instead of cake and ice cream, we enjoyed a well-rounded breakfast centered around the childhood classics, Frosted Flakes and Cookie Crisp. (Don’t worry, we still had balloons and streamers.) After the event, I asked the organizer, Ashlee Little, to describe her inspiration. “I’m always looking for opportunities to mix things up. We’ve had our fair share of cake and ice cream celebrations and I thought cereal and fruit might be an option worth exploring for this birthday. Just like the Frosted Flakes…it was gggrrrrreat!”

Needless to say, the event was a huge success. While chowing down some Cookie Crisp draped in soy milk and strawberries, David had nothing but praise for Ashlee’s unique take on birthday celebrations. “Breakfast was eaten, surprises were had. Thanks team, you’re good to this lad.”