VisionPoint Marketing and Comm100 Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Higher Ed Marketing

Posted: July 20, 2023

Christian Jessup Company Marketing Manager

VisionPoint Marketing is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Comm100, an omnichannel communications software platform, to offer higher ed marketers a comprehensive and innovative solution for engaging prospective students across multiple channels.

VisionPoint Marketing is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Comm100.

The partnership combines VisionPoint’s expertise in higher ed marketing strategy, creative, analytics, and lead nurture services with Comm100’s award-winning technology platform that enables live chat, chatbot, email, social media, and SMS interactions. Together, VisionPoint and Comm100 can help higher ed institutions deliver personalized and seamless experiences to their prospects throughout the enrollment journey. By also having direct integrations with CRMs such as Slate and Salesforce, Comm100 allows all communication and data to be seen and accounted for.

“Higher ed marketing is becoming more complex and competitive than ever, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Prospective students expect personalized advertising and convenient, responsive communication from the institutions they are considering,” says Dana Cruikshank, Vice President of Business Development at VisionPoint Marketing. “That’s why we are excited to partner with Comm100, to provide our clients with a powerful AI-powered solution that can meet and exceed their prospects’ expectations.”

Together, VisionPoint and Comm100 can help higher ed institutions deliver personalized and seamless experiences to their prospects.

VisionPoint was founded over 22 years ago with the purpose of helping higher ed institutions achieve their enrollment goals, and we’re excited that Comm100 shares that same passion for higher ed. The Comm100 platform is designed to help marketers connect with their audiences on their preferred channels, at their preferred times, and with their preferred level of automation. This partnership unites VisionPoint’s deep knowledge of higher ed marketing with Comm100’s groundbreaking technology to serve institutions and reach audiences at every stage of the prospective student journey.

“We’re genuinely excited about our collaboration with VisionPoint Marketing, combining Comm100’s customer engagement tech with VisionPoint’s expertise in higher education marketing. This partnership will empower those in admissions and marketing with tools to effectively grow their admissions funnel. Leveraging AI-powered chatbots and analytics, we’re facilitating more personalized and effective interactions. This partnership opens up new ways to achieve human-bot harmony in the dynamic landscape of higher education,” says Chris Bechtel, Vice President of Marketing at Comm100.

VisionPoint’s deep knowledge of higher ed marketing combines with Comm100’s groundbreaking technology to serve institutions.

The partnership will enable higher ed marketers to benefit from the following features and capabilities:

  • Full-funnel engagement: VisionPoint and Comm100’s breadth of services allows for engagement at every step of the student journey, from advertising and CRM workflows to AI-powered chatbots and live chats.
  • Subject matter expertise: From former higher ed employees to leading voices in tech and AI, this partnership ensures that our client partners are working with the best and the brightest in enrollment marketing.
  • Benchmark-beating results: Our client partners will see unbeatable performance at every stage of our projects, whether it’s placing the top-performing TikTok ad in all of higher ed or achieving near-perfect Live chat customer satisfaction scores (CSATs).

VisionPoint Marketing and Comm100 will be hosting a webinar on August 15, 2023 to showcase how their partnership can help higher ed marketers improve their enrollment outcomes. Registration links will be available in the coming weeks.

Furthering their commitment to enhancing higher education marketing, Comm100 and VisionPoint Marketing will be attending the NACAC Conference 2023 in Baltimore from September 21-23. This premier event for college admission counseling professionals will serve as an opportunity for both teams to connect with industry peers and professionals.

About VisionPoint Marketing

VisionPoint Marketing is an integrated marketing agency that helps institutions of higher education meet their admissions, branding, and communication goals. With over 20 years of experience in higher ed marketing, VisionPoint provides strategic, creative, and analytical solutions that deliver real-world results. VisionPoint has been ranked as one of the top employers in North Carolina for six years in a row. To learn more about VisionPoint Marketing, visit

About Comm100

Comm100 is a global provider of omnichannel customer engagement solutions that help organizations connect with their customers on live chat, chatbot, email, social media and SMS. Comm100’s platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to deliver personalized and seamless experiences across multiple channels. Comm100 serves over 10,000 clients in over 100 countries. To learn more about Comm100, visit

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