College of DuPage’s ‘We See’ campaign wins big at MarCom

Posted: October 21, 2022

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VisionPoint’s client partner, College of DuPage, recently won three MarCom awards for their “We See” campaign. The campaign as a whole won a platinum award, the video spots won a gold award in the Digital Media category, and the print ad won an honorable mention.

Campaign Preview Video

The MarCom Awards “honor excellence in marketing and communication while recognizing the creativity, [and] hard work.” Each year, competitors submit around 6,500 entries, including international advertising campaigns from dozens of countries.

In partnership with College of DuPage, VisionPoint Marketing crafted a campaign to show the heart of what makes College of DuPage special: the  fact that College of DuPage truly sees each of its students. College of DuPage recognizes their potential, the struggles they face, and the victories they achieve. This campaign is designed to let those in College of DuPage’s community know that even though the institution is over 20,000 strong, College of DuPage truly sees each and every individual for who they are, what they’re about, and what they can become.

The “We See You” Campaign uses portrait photography of College of DuPage students, faculty, staff, and community members as a focal point, but not right away. Through the use of cropped images, partially obscured by text, we use the headline “We See You” to slowly reveal the students featured in our ads to connect with our audiences, celebrate their individuality, and highlight each one’s hidden potential.

Campaign Display Ad

VisionPoint Marketing and College of DuPage crafted the “We See” campaign after an in-depth research and discovery process that included stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, search trend analysis, and enrollment reviews. Following brainstorming and testing with key stakeholders, a direction was chosen by consensus. VisionPoint’s creative team crafted ad copy, visual assets, landing pages, and video storyboards. Finally, we uploaded a multichannel marketing plan with We See You messaging in partnership with a lead-driving landing page. 

In its first month in market between June and July of 2022, the campaign received over 1.5 million impressions, over 28,000 clicks, and over 1,200 conversions, College of DuPage’s “We See” campaign hit the ground running. The CTR of between .49% and 10.33%, it is clear that the message spoke to not only the general awareness audience, but the prospective students and current students they are striving to connect with.

We’ve spent the last 21 years in higher ed marketing getting beneficial results for College of DuPage and our other client partners. Want to see what positive changes we can bring to your institution? Let’s talk! Contact our Vice President Dana Cruikshank today to schedule a free consultation call.

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