Building a (Brand) New Tomorrow How Gardner-Webb University Leveraged a New Brand Promise to Enroll More Students With Fewer Applications

Posted: November 22, 2014

There are two keys to any brand-driven marketing strategy. The first is to ensure you have a true, compelling brand story to tell. The second is to tell that story in the most compelling ways possible to the right audiences.

Download this case study to learn how Gardner-Webb University embraced a brand-driven marketing approach that led to record numbers, including a 10.3% increase in undergraduate enrollment and a 24% increase in conversion of undergraduate admits to enrolled students.

Case study highlights Include:

  • How targeting fewer students can actually lead to higher enrollment
  • How to build brand awareness at the top of the funnel and nurture leads toward conversion at the bottom of the funnel
  • How to determine where to invest–and where not to invest–finite marketing resources to achieve the greatest return on investment