Blogfolio – Part 1 Duke’s Health Leadership Programs

Posted: January 24, 2008

Yup, I coined a new phrase … blogfolio … I own it, I copyrighted it (‘copywrote’ it?). The point is that we’ve just been so damn busy for the past … well the past year and a half … that we haven’t been able to dedicate appropriate time to redesigning our portfolio. So I’ve decided to blog, in a number of short installments, about the work we’ve been doing.

We’ve got a TON of work that we’re very proud of … where to begin … Okay, how about Duke University’s Family Medicine Residency Program?

Background: The marketing efforts of this program had lost momentum over the years and with a complete overhaul of the curriculum and approach, there was need for a fresh approach to spreading the word about this great program.

Services: strategic consulting, search engine optimization, visual design, web site development, motion graphics, trade booth design, print collateral.

Results: With their updated marketing strategy and collateral in hand, Duke’s Family Residency Program not only made a splash at the big national conferences, they’re also making lots of noise on the web. Where previously they had almost no search results ranking or search referrals, they now have a very strong presence when searching even the most competitive keywords. We have also secured them an OUTSTANDING search engine referral rate of over 50%

Family Medicine Residency and Health Leadership Websites

Duke’s Family Medicine Residency Program

Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership at Duke

Health Leadership Program at Duke