One of the first things I learned when joining the VisionPoint Marketing team was the sincere importance of the company culture and values. During my initial interview at the office, I was introduced to the “Vision Points”. While each of these unique values had an impact on my decision to work at VisionPoint, there were a few in particular that really resonated with my professional goals and my ideal workplace environment.

I’d like to share a few of these Vision Points and explain exactly why I chose VisionPoint Marketing.

Thirsting for Knowledge: Knowledge is given and received. Do both.

When I was first interviewing with VisionPoint, the “Thirsting for Knowledge” VisionPoint really grabbed my attention. I could tell from conversations with members of the team that VisionPoint would be an environment in which I would constantly be learning. I was excited to work with people who would encourage me to ask questions and take the time to help me learn the ropes.

I knew I would have a lot to learn in my first few months at VisionPoint, but I also saw a group of individuals who are passionate and committed to learning long after their first days on the job. I could tell that all VisionPoint team members, even those who have been in the industry for years, are always reading about different aspects of business, striving to gain leadership skills, and reaching for new certifications.

When I learned about Forced Fun Fridays reserved for professional development, I could tell they were really serious about this VisionPoint. It was awesome to know that the company would set aside time for me to put down client work and focus on myself and my own professional development.

Finally, I was excited to see that VisionPoint’s “Thirsting for Knowledge” VisionPoint defies boundaries in the office. Not only would I be able to learn from members of my own Sales and Marketing Team, but I would also be able to learn from our developers, our designers and our account services team to gain an understanding of every aspect of the VisionPoint offering.

Empathetic: Be patient, understanding and inquisitive of others’ situations.

During my first few weeks at VisionPoint, the VisionPoint “Empathetic” was a central part of my experience. I found that each and every member of the team was extremely patient with me. In my role as a Sales and Marketing Consultant, I have learned about all parts of the VisionPoint process—from account management to design and development—and everyone has been willing to take the time out of their busy days to ensure I can do my job effectively.

Perhaps even more importantly, the “Empathetic” VisionPoint extends beyond the walls of our office. We’re genuinely interested in each other’s lives outside of work, and we’re there for each other when times are tough.

I have also seen that VisionPoint’s emphasis on empathy does not just apply to our fellow co-workers. In my work with prospective clients, I have felt more like a consultant than a salesperson. It is obvious in our sales and marketing approach that we view our clients as partners rather than paychecks. We work hard to understand what each client needs, and we honestly assess whether or not our process and capabilities match their needs and goals.

Excellent: Excellence is not an act. It’s a habit.

As I have gotten on my feet at VisionPoint, the “Excellent” VisionPoint has really influenced the way I work. Being surrounded by people striving for excellence has pushed me to accomplish more in my first few months at VisionPoint than I ever thought possible. It is obvious that everyone here cares about producing high quality work and making a substantial contribution to the VisionPoint team as well as our clients and their institutions.

Whenever I have conversations with prospective clients, I am proud to represent VisionPoint. This sense of pride and confidence undoubtedly derives from this VisionPoint and my knowledge that our team works hard to deliver excellence daily.

This goal of excellence extends beyond representing the company. We put a great deal of emphasis on making sure the work we produce for our clients makes them look excellent, and this all comes back to the fact that we view our clients as true partners.

There’s not enough space in this blog to highlight all of our VisionPoints in as much detail as I’d like. Day in and day out, I see that everyone in our office is committed to embodying every one of the company values. When I first came to VisionPoint, I had a lot to learn. The people around me have been incredible teachers and watching my co-workers has helped me to understand how to incorporate these values into the way I work.