During a strategic planning session in 2007, our leadership team made the calculated decision to focus specifically on serving the needs of higher education. We made this decision because we believe so strongly in the power of learning and growing every day AND because our core competencies (the stuff that VisionPoint is really good at) are a perfect fit against the unique challenges facing this industry. Over the years, we’ve seen our strategic approach, commitment to process and integrated marketing methodology help our client partners achieve their goals time and time again.

In serving institutions across the country, we’ve explored – and in many cases, written – industry best practices and created outstanding work in partnership with our valued clients. As we worked on updating VisionPoint’s own website, we realized that we had the perfect opportunity to compile many of these lesson-learned in one place where our peers and friends have easy access to these challenges and solutions.

You’ll find the following types of resources available inside eduInsights.

Conference Presentations

Not only do we get to work with outstanding client partners to tell their unique stories, but we also get to brag (just a little bit) about the work that we’ve done together. Our presentations are highly visual and always include some smooth transitions and valuable takeaways.

Marketer’s Guides

Marketer’s Guides are designed to help higher ed marketers overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide enough detail and direction for our readers to start making improvements on their campus right away. These documents are structured in a step-by-step format that makes it easy to take action.

Case Studies

Case Studies tell the story of how an institution overcame a specific challenge and the results they achieved. We start by explaining the current state and specific challenges that will likely sound all too familiar. Then, we review the process from strategy and planning to implementation and execution. Finally, you’ll get a taste of results that we hope will be both encouraging and inspiring.

Blog Articles

We strive to have every article answer a question (or multiple questions) specific to higher ed marketing in a way that makes life a little easier for our readers.

As VisionPoint’s Marketing Program Manager, I hope you’ll find eduInsights to be a helpful resource for your institution’s marketing team. If you’ve got questions and you can’t seem to find the answer, let us know! There’s a very good chance that your question will be the topic of our next content piece.

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