I’ve been a Web Engineer at VisionPoint for almost five years. However, many people are surprised to learn that web development wasn’t my first career choice. Let me explain.

The signs were all there growing up, from my love of art as a child, to figuring out how to install Warlords on my parents pre-windows MS-DOS Compaq, to programming calculator games in high school. I really got into Excel throughout college, between auto-calculating function spreadsheets for my classes and Fantasy Football value projections for drafting. Even after starting my first career in Civil Engineering, I tinkered with programming World of Warcraft addons using LUA and writing LISP scripts for AutoCAD. I even helped build a horribly basic webpage for a company’s charity organization. I still look back and cringe.

The housing market crash in 2008/2009 forced me to reconsider civil engineering as a career choice, and suddenly the pieces started coming together. I was destined to code! After getting my post-baccalaureate certificate in computer science, I started looking for a full-time position where I could use my skills. I applied to a handful entry level database, application development and sysadmin positions through online job boards. I didn’t get any takers.

After expanding my search to include more than just the full-time positions I imagined I'd find, I stumbled across an internship opportunity with VisionPoint Marketing. I decided to give it a try. Five years later, I’m still here.

Working at VisionPoint has been a wonderful experience. A big part of that is the emphasis that VisionPoint places on culture. We have a set of company values, our Vision Points, that describe the culture and provide a clear definition of what we’re all about. Here are the three values that really stand out to me as an engineer.

Thirsting for Knowledge

Looking back on the years I’ve been here, I’m amazed at how far I’ve progressed. For this reason, my favorite Vision Point is Thirsting for Knowledge. Being successful at most companies requires striving for greatness and always pushing your skills forward with everything you do. We pride ourselves not only on that, but on lifting each other up by teaching the skills that we’ve learned to others, realizing that by working together to improve the team, we can all benefit.


I also appreciate our culture of Self-Discipline. We’re all accountable of our own work. We all know our responsibilities and strive to live up to them. My favorite part about this Vision Point is how it interacts with thirsting for knowledge. At VisionPoint, we’re given freedom to pursue what we want to learn, and given guidance on how we can relate that to improving the company as a whole.


And finally, I’d be remiss to not mention the one Vision Point that really binds us as a team: United. I notice this in nearly everything we do. From giving and receiving knowledge, to working together to solve problems, to lending a hand when the recycling must go out. We’re all in this together, and I can’t imagine myself in a culture of any other kind.

There are many reasons why I enjoy my job. Beyond just the work (i.e. I get to write code that powers really cool websites!), it’s our culture here at VisionPoint that makes me feel so valued and empowered. Switching careers five years a ago was a risk. But I’ve never looked back.