Big and Bold: UNC Charlotte Launches New Website

Posted: July 24, 2017

“North Carolina’s Urban Research University”

Emblazoned on the front of the new UNC Charlotte homepage, these big and bold words usher viewers into the redesigned website. Behind the text, eye-catching videos flash, showcasing the overwhelming variety of opportunities at UNC Charlotte – from a dance class to a percussion concert to a football game. Engaging, user-friendly and vivid: the website has been completely transformed.

At its core, the website’s new design is driven by one thought:

“It’s time to ease up on the humility and be who we are. We’re a big deal.”

So, we went big.

The goal: Create a website deserving of the UNC Charlotte brand.
The challenge: Bring a dated, difficult-to-navigate website into the future. 
The timeline: Six months.

While UNC Charlotte has seen stupendous growth over the course of the last decade, its website needed to keep pace with and reflect the university’s progress and newfound confidence. With six months to complete a project that typically spans a full year, the UNC Charlotte website redesign meant close communications and fast-paced progress.

UNC Charlotte Home Page

Through a gorgeous and engaging new design, improved linkage and navigation, carefully constructed information architecture and strategic and impactful content, VisionPoint and UNC Charlotte partnered to get big results.

By emphasizing the duality of the university, we were able to expose the heart of UNC Charlotte: large but close-knit, rooted and entrepreneurial, urban yet local. The very factors that make UNC Charlotte special now shine through on their website.

UNC Charlotte Academics Page

Thanks to close involvement and conversation, with every involved member of the collaborative team striving for the same goal, UNC Charlotte’s website now matches the passion and excitement of the University of today. Navigable, representative of the diverse range of students and available activities, and friendly for devices of all sizes, welcomes and heralds the future.

Is your institution ready for a big and bold site redesign? We’d love to talk with you about your goals and how we can help.