An Update From Our Fall 2013 Interns

Posted: December 3, 2013

Tara Clinton


With the end of the year approaching quickly, VisionPoint is working hard to get our projects wrapped up so we can focus on holiday shopping and feasting on delicious holiday treats. Thankfully, our hard-working interns have helped ease many of our end-of-year stresses! Since starting in early September, our interns have been incredibly dedicated to helping VisionPoint grow and have been a great addition to our team. Read on to hear more about our fall interns’ experiences.

Christin Nein has learned about the many aspects of project management, web marketing and branding over the past few months as a project manager intern. She’s had her hands in a variety of projects and is currently working on a massive website audit.  Her favorite task has been working with the team on a univeristy’s brand rollout and watching it unfold. She has enjoyed the opportunity to watch VisionPoint grow and develop in the short time she has been here and is excited to see where it goes in the future.

Sarah Shouse has picked up a variety of new skills as a project manager intern. She has helped manage VisionPoint’s social media efforts and also had her hands in a challenging website audit. Although the process has been long, she and the rest of VisionPoint’s interns have done an exceptional job. She appreciates VisionPoint’s flexibility when it comes to learning new tasks and developing her experience with different projects. She is very grateful she’s a part of the VisionPoint team and is excited to see where her work at the company will take her in the future.

Tyler Bonin has enjoyed being a part of VisionPoint’s collaborative environment and working toward a common goal. Tyler has been glad to work on projects where he gets the chance to help proofread and edit documents. He, along with Sarah and Christin, appreciates the challenging nature of the website audit and is glad for the chance to work collaboratively on such a huge project. Tyler said VisionPoint’s focus on higher education marketing has made his experience much more rewarding personally.

We can’t say enough about how much we value each of our interns. They have brought so much to our team and we know they will do great things in the future. If you’re curious about what a VisionPoint internship can do for you, leave a comment below or contact us for more information.