Our values inform everything we do. From the type of people we hire to the work we take on. Our Vision Points are at the heart of our unique company culture, defining and uniting us as a group.

THOUGHTFUL & STRATEGIC A Reason for Every Decision
The guiding principle of having a reason for every decision is baked into VisionPoint’s approach and process. We focus not on personal tastes or whims but on our client partners’ goals, their cultures, their strengths, their situational opportunities, and their challenges. Based on each partner’s situation, we discern where – and where not – to invest our energy, resources, and focus in order to do exceptional work, achieve their goals, and deliver a measurable return on their investment.
Helping institutions take on and overcome their most daunting enrollment marketing challenges is what gets us out of bed in the morning. VisionPointers start with an attitude that problems can be solved – a hopeful optimism that makes us game for the challenge. We’re not naive. We know it won’t be easy. Problem solving takes tenacity, persistence, and a resolve to keep thinking, keep trying, keep testing, and keep working the problem until the solution becomes clear.
VisionPointers are a bright and talented group of people striving to do the very best work of our lives. Each of us has coveted skill sets – and years of experience – but we sure don’t know everything. We’re humble students with a passion for learning and improving every single day. We’re striving to be not just our best but to be the best. It’s not about ego. It’s about our client partners, our craft, and the fact that the work we do matters.
ACCOUNTABLE It Starts With You
Every single VisionPointer is deeply accountable to our work, to our client partners, and to one another. We know that making a difference is our responsibility, not someone else’s, and that our partners and coworkers alike depend on us. So we do what we say we’ll do. We have big jobs – all of us. And we choose to do them all the way and with excellence every time – not out of obligation and not for some gold star – but because it’s just the right thing to do.
COLLABORATIVE No One Can Whistle a Symphony
Something magical happens when we bring our individual talents, capabilities, and contributions to the table to be sharpened and refined by others. Engaged collaboration can be more effective and more efficient – and it’s a lot more fun than going it alone. This is especially true when facing the trickiest challenges. Rather than shrinking back, we come together – with one another, with our partners, and with our client partners. We draw on each other’s strengths, sharpen one another’s perspectives, build on one another’s ideas, and chart the path forward together.
DIRECT & STRAIGHTFORWARD Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say.
Feedback is a gift! Yes, sometimes it’s hard to say what needs to be said. It can take courage to let someone know directly when they’ve let you down or when you disagree with their perspective. Receiving feedback well, and responding thoughtfully, can be just as tough. Even in praise, it’s hard to reach beyond “attaboy” cliches to offer specific, actionable feedback about why someone did so well. But it’s absolutely the right thing to do. Gray areas only lead to confusion. And while it can sometimes be uncomfortable, we’ve found being direct and straightforward eliminates frustration, illuminates the path to the right solution, and nurtures a culture of openness and vulnerability that is essential to growth.
EMPATHETIC Strive for Understanding. Value Difference.
At VisionPoint, we work hard to understand one another on an individual, human level. That understanding – that appreciation for others’ backgrounds, perspectives, hopes, and ideas – is fundamental to being great marketers as well as great teammates. True empathy requires kindness, selflessness, patience, and genuine curiosity. Most of all, it means exploring our differences, not fearing them. Because at the end of the day, it’s our differences that challenge us to be better – as individuals, as marketers, and as the VisionPoint community.