Our values inform everything we do. From the type of people we hire to the work we take on. Our Vision Points are at the heart of our unique company culture, defining and uniting us as a group.

COLLABORATIVE No One Can Whistle a Symphony
No one achieves greatness alone. We owe a lot to our client partners and the teammates who surround us. Nothing we achieve at VisionPoint is one individual’s success. The best work is born when we invite everyone to the table.
THOUGHTFUL & STRATEGIC A Reason for Every Decision
The best way to articulate this philosophy is by sharing a story that begins in 1987 at the prestigious Massachusetts College of Art and Design. An aspiring young artist, Tony Poillucci (VisionPoint’s Creative Director), found himself under the tutelage of an accomplished corporate design professor named Bill Hannon. Professor Hannon preached that “design is a business!” and often reminded his students that design is not about expressing yourself, it’s about accomplishing the goals of your client. To really drive the point home, Professor Hannon strictly forbade use of the word “like” from his classroom. Tony and his peers were required to have reasons for their decisions, and “I like it” was not an acceptable reason for a decision.

To this day, the guiding principle of having “a reason for every decision” is baked into VisionPoint’s approach and process. We do what’s right for our clients. We focus not on personal tastes or whims but on our clients’ goals and how we can help them achieve those goals. If we do our jobs well, we end up with more than just a portfolio of work our clients like – we end up helping them imagine and achieve goals they may not have thought were possible.
ACCOUNTABLE It Starts with You
At VisionPoint, we don’t micromanage. We expect every individual to take ownership of their responsibilities and to be self-disciplined enough to do their job consistently and at the highest level. Being accountable isn’t just something we say, it’s who we are. And it starts and ends with every single one of us. We do what we say we’ll do. Period.
DIRECT & STRAIGHTFORWARD Do What You Say, Say What You Mean
Yes, sometimes it’s hard to say what needs to be said. It’s hard to let someone know when they’ve let you down. It’s hard to tell a client they’re way off base. But it’s absolutely the right thing to do. Gray areas only lead to confusion. And while it can sometimes be uncomfortable, we’ve found being direct and straightforward eliminates confusion and illuminates the path to the right solution.
SELFLESS Check Your Ego at the Door
There are no prima donnas at VisionPoint. We’re all hard workers who are passionate about what we do. We face new challenges on a daily basis, always supporting each other and our clients. When it comes right down to it, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.
EMPATHETIC Be Patient, Understanding, and Inquisitive of Others’ Situations
If we were all the same, the world would be a pretty boring place. Trying to understand others’ perspectives is not only a nice thing to do; it also drives us as marketers, designers, writers, and communicators to create better experiences. When we really know a person – where they live, what they do, what keeps them up at night – that understanding enables us to connect as human beings and create the remarkable. Also, keep these two things in mind: Everyone has a bad day and no one knows everything. Be patient with others as they learn. We’re all in this together.
GROWTH & EXCELLENCE Adapt, Learn, Improve
We’re a bright group of talented people. Each of us has coveted skill sets, and many of us have decades of experience, but we sure don’t know everything. We’re humble students with a passion for learning and improving every single day. We don’t settle for good enough, we strive for greatness.
FRIENDLY Smile. Small Effort, Big Difference
Work hard and be nice to people. At a lot of companies, those two seem mutually exclusive. Not here. From the tone of our emails and tweets to the way we answer the phones – a personal greeting, a smile, a friendly “hello” – it’s the little touches of thoughtful kindness that make this such a wonderful place to work (and play). We’ve been able to foster long-standing, successful relationships with our clients because of the results that we help them achieve, but they’ve also told us they genuinely enjoy working with us. That’s something we’re proud of.