As a Senior Strategist and Creative Director, Tony does a little bit of everything. He is heavily involved in the early stages of projects that require strong strategic direction, decision-making and consensus-building. He sometimes finds himself in the position of Information Architect, responsible for translating goals and strategies into the intuitive and user-friendly organization of content on an institution's website. When projects move into the design phase, Tony puts on his Creative Director hat. He enjoys collaborating with VisionPoint’s designers and our client partners to find the best creative solutions. Tony is always quick to remind us that we need to have a reason behind every decision.

Whether he’s delivering a strategy presentation on a university campus, sharing a sitemap on a conference call or presenting a case study at a higher ed conference, Tony is no stranger to the spotlight (and let’s be honest, he loves it). He’s our all-star speaker when we need to bring out the big guns. Some might even call him “The Ringer”.

Tony graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. He’s worked in several different fields and in a host of interesting places. Prior to joining VisionPoint, he was President of aHA! Factory, a highly successful consulting, design and web development firm based in Miami.