Steph is VisionPoint’s Office Manager and our rock. From HR to financial support and purchasing to office management, Steph keeps Vision Point operating at peak efficiency. Because she’s so vital to our day-to-day, we call Steph “the Swiss Watch,” a testament to her quiet strength, precision and dependability. 

An intuitive and accessible manager, Steph provides executive administration support for VisionPoint’s President and CEO. She’s our on-site supervisor tackling payroll, benefits and tax filings with her trademark efficiency; she keeps our books accurate and makes sure that VisionPoint’s state and national certifications are always up to date. Steph handles everything HR and she’s the first person you’ll encounter when you apply for a job at VisionPoint. You could not be in better hands. Steph smoothly handles the application process from beginning to end and deals with all our applicants in a thoughtful and gracious manner. New employees always find her to be an invaluable resource during our onboarding process.  

It’s not surprising that Steph is one of our best ambassadors for working at Vision Point — she likes it here!

“I absolutely love working at VisionPoint! I work alongside an incredible team of bright people for a company with a worthwhile mission — promoting higher education.”

Steph also takes really good care of the entire VisionPoint team. She’s the one who makes sure no VisionPoint birthday ever goes uncelebrated. She is our repository of knowledge about everything from insurance to PTO, patiently answers all our questions, and indulges the writers by purchasing their favorite gel pens. When it’s time for VisionPoint’s special company events like our two-day Summits or Fun Fridays, Steph’s organization skills ensure that everything runs like clockwork.

Steph is a veteran office manager with a B.S. degree from Lyon College and an MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Prior to joining the VisionPoint team, Steph perfected her managerial craft in the automotive industry where she completely overhauled her previous employer's accounting and HR processes. Outside of work, Steph enjoys spending time with her husband, Ross, their daughter Avery and their two dogs. Together, they enjoy movies, going to the beach and playing games with friends and fellow VisionPointers. Following in her Mom’s footsteps, toddler Avery enjoys visiting the VisionPoint office and spoiling us all with treats for every holiday.