Alina grew up in St. Petersburg (no, not the one in Florida) and moved to the U.S. with her husband almost 15 years ago. She figured they would always go back, but life had other plans.

Today, Alina is certified in Drupal 8 front-end and back-end development, and she has extensive experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, CMS build outs, and modern front-end development tools. She also has a world of experience being the technical lead on complex web projects.

“I like to solve problems,” she says, “and build clean, compliant and accessible websites.”

Alina uses those problem-solving skills to develop custom websites and implement CMS solutions using the latest technologies and development best practices.

Before writing code and building websites for VisionPoint clients, Alina developed websites at the University of Iowa. So she understands what a university needs its website to do, and how to create one that welcomes visitors and tells them what they want to know in an intuitive way.

There is one thing that unifies her time in Russia and in the U.S., the value of education and the desire to make education available to as many people as possible. “Higher education,” she says, “is near and dear to my heart. ”

Alina has lived on both sides of the world and she still likes to travel. She especially enjoys attending Balboa Swing Festivals, a type of swing dancing that started in the 1930s in Southern California. Are there similarities between writing code and swing dancing? Well, yes there are.

“My work and Balboa dancing require great attention to detail and making different components work well together. In Balboa, you have a connection with your partner, you have to understand and connect with the music, technical footwork, creativity, and constant learning. In my work, you have to understand the technical aspects, of course, but you also have to work well with multiple constituents to achieve the desired result.”