Our culture is the core of who we are.

It’s a big part of why we are perennially chosen as one of the top employers in our state, why we have a noticeably low turnover rate, and why Vision Pointers genuinely say yes way to doing their best work each day.


Sure, we do karaoke showdowns, virtual escape rooms, and office happy hours at our downtown Raleigh office. Having fun is table stakes for a thriving agency life. What sets us apart is that we care about each other. You can feel it in the way we give (and receive) feedback, the parenting and mental health tips we share on Slack threads, the volunteer work we do at local food banks and childrens’ hospitals, and the pride we take in our collective success.

We are a place of higher learning, which means we’ll challenge you to grow. We believe that the best employees are ones who don’t just work for the company but work on the company. That’s why we are committed to professional development for our employees as well as biannual professional development Summits where we spend time ideating how to make our work stronger.

We welcome all voices.

As a woman-founded agency in a sector that changes lives and moves society forward, we view diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as central to the pursuit of a better future for all. We have an in-house DEI committee that hosts training workshops, presentations, and other company-wide initiatives to create a more just and equitable work environment. Your ideas make a difference here — regardless of what you look like, where you’re from, how you identify, or what you believe.