5 Tips for Working Through the Holidays

Posted: December 24, 2014

Matt Walters Chief Services Officer

Given that we at VisionPoint Marketing serve higher education, many of our client partners enjoy long holiday breaks. Institutions often close for a week or more, leaving our clients to wonder, what could those folks at VisionPoint possibly be doing while we’re not around? Sometimes, a thoughtful client will even remark, with a note of empathy and concern: “Now, you guys don’t work too hard over the holiday, ok?”

The truth is we take JOY in working hard to make sure clients’ projects keep rolling smoothly forward over the holidays. (We also close for several days, giving us plenty of time to celebrate with our families, too!) We’ve even uncovered a few tried and true ways to maximize productivity while making the most of the festive holiday atmosphere:

Tip #5 – Make it rain with candy canes.

Matt Walters

Struggling to make your typical meetings more festive during the holiday week? Try making it rain with candy canes before you settle down to business. (Imaginary) studies (probably) show that candy canes boost morale, spark creativity and improve productivity. And if one candy cane is good…

Tip #4 – Cozy up by the fire.

Virtual fireplace

We know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry — we paid our bills and the heat is on in the office. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a few creature comforts and curl up next to a nice warm fire (mind over matter). It’s the best way to get some work done on a cold, rainy day. Enjoy, Micaiah!

Tip #3 – Launch a caroling sneak attack.

singing carols

In keeping with the holiday spirit, you’ll often see random bouts of caroling breaking out around the office. As you can see, our Director of Technology, Nosika, can barely contain her excitement. What are the headphones for, Nosika?

Tip #2 – Keep the clients on our mugs and in our hearts.

coffee mug

Let’s just be honest. Although we’re happy our clients are getting some much deserved time off to spend their families, we still miss them! But don’t worry, we’re keeping our clients in our hearts and minds as we enjoy a nice hot holiday beverage (in one of our signature client mugs). Delicious!

Tip #1 – Do it together.

Micaiah and Clara

The fact is, here at VisionPoint we’re a family, and we wouldn’t trade the time we get to spend with each other for anything. During the holidays and all throughout the year, work is like play for us because we’re doing what we love with people and clients we genuinely enjoy and admire. Thanks for 2014!

Steven and Nosika

Gail and Caroline

Jason and Dwight

P.S. Awesome Presents

Nosikas new toy

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that our boss gets us some AWESOME holiday gifts to help spur on the happiness. Thanks, Diane!