16 Weeks Later….

Posted: May 11, 2012


When I first began working at VisionPoint as the Social Media Intern this Spring I was really excited to join the team.  I wasn’t sure what the atmosphere and culture would be like but it has not let me down at all.

The relaxed culture was definitely a change for me when compared to my previous internship.  Everyone was really flexible and accommodating.  They really mean it when they say “you’re not going to be making coffee for anyone unless you want some yourself”.  You are given freedom within your job.  Your opinion matters and you really do contribute to the company.

My contributions came in the form of social media messages through Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Using social media for business is so much different from the personal use that we are all accustomed to.  There is so much more thought put into it for business.  As my internship progressed, I could see how my messages changed to the point where I knew how to make a professional message.

What I learned the most though was the analytical side of social media.  Social media wouldn’t be any good if you couldn’t tell if it was having an impact or not.  Learning how to use Google Analytics and HootSuite Analytics really helped me learn how important social media really is to a business.  You could physically see the numbers that you were receiving through your messages.  Seeing the fruits of your labor was one of the most satisfying things of this job.

I will never forget my time at VisionPoint.  No really, they gave me one of their cool thermoses so every time I drink out of it I will always remember my days as the Social Media Intern at VisionPoint Marketing.  I just want to thank the entire staff (Diane, Tony, Diana, Erik, Chris, Ashlee, Carissa, Dwight, Gail and Zac.  Yes I just named all of you) for the learning experience that VisionPoint has given me.  I leave a more knowledgeable man than when I first came walking through the doors.